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Back Story

In speaking to a client in the fancy dress world at the end of March, we conjured the idea of an online fancy dress party, that seeding led us to believe this could be a great way of relieving boredom and help families come together. From there we re-imagined what it could be and wanted it to be a vehicle to show support to the NHS and other Frontline Staff.

The Entire FD4NHS team is voluntary. We've come together through knowing each other through our networking over the years and we all felt we could create something special if we got our heads down. We're committed ourselves until the end of May. Many of the team have created content and undertaken 100's of hours of calls and administration to get this up and running.

Fancy Dress 4 NHS - Campaign Manager, Adam Fillary
We realised at the beginning of April things were going to get tough, we could see the pressure the NHS and Health Care professionals were under and how lockdown would likely affect our society. People had started to convey their support by clapping on a Thursday night and from that, we felt we could take it up a notch and create a platform, with a fun theme to show support with and to put some smiles on the faces of all those looking after us with further messages of gratitude.

We selected RCN Foundation as our charity as we were in perfect alignment with their Covid19 Support Fund - Every donation made online to the RCN Foundation until 1 June will go towards this urgent fund, which will respond directly to the challenges faced by nurses, midwives and health care support workers and provide them with extra support as they carry us through this international emergency.