Create Your Fun Ideas

Whatever you do remember to add your thank you message

Imagine... in Fancy Dress...

  • Dog Walking
  • Song / Mime
  • Tell a Joke
  • Poem / Spoken Word
  • Shopping
  • Deliveries / Post
  • Dancing / Dance Routine
  • Gardening
  • House Chores
  • Skit / Comedy Scene
  • Film Moments / Memorable Reenactment Scenes
  • Repeat our messages (on camera)
  • Thank you to: Anything from a personal friend, carers, NHS, Supply Network Capt Tom

You can buy discounted fancy dress through our partners here:

Buy Discounted Fancy Dress

How do I use my fun Ideas...?

  • Thank Someone - Who can 'YOU' thank? - Tag Followers to do the same
  • Challenges - I challenge person 'x' to do 'this thing' - Set up a copy cat challenge
  • Serious/Not Serious Series: (Like sorry not sorry) (2 versions of serious you)
  • Sorry/Not Sorry
  • Advice Message about COVID19 - Wash Hands, Cover Face, Face Masks
  • Clap For Our Cares (Random Pop-Ups) Announce where & when you do your solitary clap
  • Facebook Live/other Live platforms or hijack meeting (like minutes Silence as Clap)
  • Online 'Flashmob' Idea Fancy-Flash (Get into Costume Where You Can and Dance)
  • Be or make a Meme - eg. when clapping isn't enough / Is clapping enough
  • Zoom/Other Online 'Digital' Meetings - Dress Up and Record your participants
  • End this Sentence: Lockdown has given me...

Best Ways to Help the Campaign Succeed

  • Use digital place card(s) - Bookend the Video using our key messages and links
  • Use subtitles using what you have or download the easy to use
  • Hold up A4 pages (or bigger) messages in front of your chest/neck with your message
  • Overlay with text if Video Can be edited with tools
  • Add Hashtags when posting - Tag our pages
    • #FD4NHS or
    • #FancyDress4NHS
    • #TheNetworkingofHearts
  • Mention others and give a link to our campaign website (pass it around)
  • Do a short second organic video introducing your reasons to support our campaign
More Ways to Share