“Dressing up each day I've seen first hand the hugely positive effect it can have so I hope to see this campaign fancydress4nhs take off and the nation gets behind it by dressing up and spreading that positivity across the whole United Kingdom to show the Frontline NHS & care workers just how much they're appreciated.” Jon Matson - the postman who's been featured all over the news said...

“I'm extremely proud to support "fancy dress for the NHS"! My mother and father have both dedicated their lives working for the NHS my mother a sister nurse and my father a theatre technician for over 90 years between them helping sick people get better, giving family support and literally saving lives! We are all so proud of our front line workers, they are life’s heroes! What a great way to celebrate and support the NHS frontline workers with this incredible charity.” Jethro 'ALONESTAR' Sheeran (Ed Sheeran's cousin)

“Donations to the RCN Foundation COVID-19 Support Fund through the Fancy Dress 4 HNS initiative will make a real difference to the many frontline health and social care workers who are making an invaluable contribution at the very forefront of the COVID-19 pandemic.
The collective show of support and appreciation for the nursing community through Fancy Dress 4 NHS is testament to their tireless efforts in keeping families and communities safe during these most difficult times.
We are very grateful for the support of the Fund, which will not only help those individuals who may be experiencing personal hardship as a result of COVID-19 but will also help to address some of the psychological implications associated with working on the frontline at this difficult time.” Deepa Korea, RCN Foundation Director, RCN Foundation

“The grant from the RCN Foundation has made an unimaginable difference, both financially and emotionally at this difficult time. It has enabled me to pay my bills and continue to self-isolate for several more weeks, which has been such a relief to me and my family, given my ongoing underlying health issues. I’m so grateful for the support.” Rachel (Healthcare Assistant)

“Everyone at Maidstone Hospital would love you to support “Fancy Dress 4 NHS” and let’s keep everyone smiling” Andi Oates - Frontline Staff (Porter)

“Fun Fancy Dress are proud to be supporting Fancy Dress 4 NHS and getting behind the campaign. We've got lots of people we know will be excited to dress up and support those on the Front Line fighting this Virus - Hope it raises lots of money. Please use our code FD4NHS to get a mega 25% discount and we'll donate a further 10% to the cause.” Peter Hart - Fun Fancy Dress Ltd

“Palmer Agencies does appreciate your effort in recognising some of our real life heroes and we will help you in getting the message across to our customer database. We want to be a part of the massive THANK YOU the country owes to our frontline force.” Sergio Battaner - Palmer Agencies

“My name is Andi Oates and I am a Porter at Maidstone Hospital and work in the Xray department. Its been a tough few months full of uncertainty, worry and stress but also hope and positivity now we are getting used to working in these conditions and the strange times we live in. We have been lucky to have enough PPE and our safety precautions and protocols in order are good and I feel safe working.
There’s a campaign at the moment called “Fancy Dress 4 NHS” and it’s a fun way for everybody to celebrate and dress up to support our fellow front line workers with donations going towards the Royal College of Nursing.
So support “Fancy Dress 4 NHS” today and let’s keep everyone smiling!!!” Andi Oates - Frontline Staff (Porter)

“I’m so proud of what our team has achieved and excited to see how the UK gets involved with creating a lasting record of our respect and gratitude. The Idea of getting people to do something visually fun and express their feelings of admiration seemed like a no brainer.” Adam Fillary - Campaign Manager